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Please read the following policy/information carefully and in full prior to making an order. 'You', 'your' or 'customer' refers to any person(s) using and/or buying from Greengage and Riley.
'We', 'I', 'Us', 'Me', 'My', 'Our' or 'Greengage and Riley' refers to Greengage and Riley and the Greengage and Riley products/services.

Greengage and Riley currently only accepts payment via PayPal.

Measurements and Weights
All sizes/weights given are approximate. Greengage and Riley will do their very best to assure measurements and weights are as accurate as possible, however in the case of handmade items, measurements and weights may vary slightly, occasionally (as is common for handmade items in general).

Custom or Personalised orders
Greengage and Riley is happy to customise or personalise a customer's item(s), and any requirements or specifications can be detailed in an email to:
Or via the contact form on the Contact page prior to making an order.
Or at checkout when leaving a note to Greengage and Riley detailing personalisations (you may receive a follow-up email from Greengage and Riley to confirm your specifications). 
Once orders have been placed, further customisations and personalisations cannot be applied to that order.

Please note that in some cases there may be an additional small fee for some personalised orders, whereas other personalised changes may be free. In cases where additional fees apply, Greengage and Riley may request payment of the additional fees via PayPal link directly, as opposed to through the usual process via the Greengage and Riley website - this is simply for ease of transaction, as prices for customisations are so variable. This payment method still has the same PayPal buyer/seller protections as payment via the website (see PayPal's buyer/seller protection policies for more information).

When requesting and providing details about a required personalised item, the customer is responsible for checking that all details provided to Greengage and Riley are correct and accurate. This includes (but is not limited to) spelling errors, measurement errors and colour errors.

Customers can feel free to contact Greengage and Riley with any questions about custom or personalised orders.
All items are shipped to customers via the UK Royal Mail service. Currently, the shipping option per item will be automatically calculated depending on the retail value of the product. The shipping will either be Royal Mail Standard Tracked or Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked and Signed. The customer will not be able to select a preferred shipping option. However, in some special circumstances Greengage and Riley may offer to upgrade the customer's shipping - this is entirely at Greengage and Riley's discretion and is dependent on the situation. Greengage and Riley is not responsible for any postal delays after dispatch.

For other policies, please revisit the Policies page.

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